Enabling new age of industrial optimization

Volitant AI provides a new breed of artificially intelligent agents for the Energy sector.

Leveraging the cutting-edge research, Volitant AI creates platform and software to perform optimal operating strategy selection for energy systems with Artificial Intelligence capable of reducing costs and improving efficiency without major capital investments or modernization of equipment.

The emerging markets of Industrial IoT and Smart Energy require new kinds of industrial control technologies, capable of ingesting massive data sets and analyzing highly complex system interactions. Volitant AI’s technology allows artificially intelligent agents to be designed, trained and readily integrated into current energy processes at extremely low costs through conventional control systems (without the need for new tools or capital equipment).




Artificial Intelligence


Optimal Control

Markets we address

Projected revenue share by 2020 in billions USD. The markets we address have a projected total value of $516 billion by 2020. Internet of Things is the enabling market with projected $883 billion value by 2020 and CAGR of 32.4%

Smart Energy


The smart energy market can be simply defined as the one that constitutes devices that have in-built artificial intelligence to carry out their daily activities without any human interference. The smart energy market comprises multiple technologies such as smart grids, smart homes, and smart solar and digital oil fields. prnewswire.com

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is a collection of advanced technologies that allow machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. It is set to fundamentally reinvent how businesses run, compete and thrive. When implemented holistically, these technologies help improve productivity and lower costs, unlocking more creative jobs and creating new growth opportunities. idc.com



Robotics is now an integral part of industry transformation, which has brought about significant improvement in operational agility and efficiency in both developed and emerging markets. idc.com