Energy Management as a Service with Artificial Intelligence

Leaders are taking full advantage of artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning, which together permit both deeper insight and superhuman performance in the energy industry.

Our Technology

Leveraging the latest research in Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning, Volitant AI creates AI agents capable of learning to optimally operate energy systems.

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The Problems We Solve

Modern world class automation system solutions CANNOT match all the needs of energy systems operators. It's too difficult to adapt rule based expert systems and abstract models to improve operational efficiencies with aging assets, environmental regulations and shrinking pool of experienced workers.
Volitant AI takes a fresh approach; enabling intelligent agents to learn directly by experiencing the real energy assets, we deliver state-of-art automation and optimization without major capital investment.

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Our Value

Production Cost Reduction

By taking into account a complex array of variable data, an intelligent agent can deliver an average of 10% in energy production costs reduction.

Efficiency Improvement

By adopting the most optimal operating strategy and providing extra free time to operators, an intelligent agent can improve efficiency by an average of 13%.

Reliability Improvement

Improved OEE leads to high reliability by reducing downtime, increasing safety, availability, and quality on average of 70%.


Work with Us

Creativity challenging the status quo is the cornerstone of Volitant AI’s success.

We focus our R&D for the purpose of delivering high-value solutions to our customers and partners, bringing innovative new products to market, and changing the way technology is done.

We strongly encourage our customers and partners to leverage our people, research, and solutions to create new ideas and products within their business.

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