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for Critical Infrastructure

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VolitantAI is part of the Energize California Innovators program, an initiative of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator and the California Energy Commission to drive energy innovation
in the greater Los Angeles Region.

Our Services

Data Analytics

Take advantage of the data you are already collecting and gain valuable insight into your current business processes.

Advanced Control

Using the latest research we create intelligent control software that can optimize performance and reduce costs on average by 30%. From microgrids to solar tracking, our algorithms can tackle any data-based problem.


Assessment, control and continuous improvement of your energy assets' digital security. Our security practice has targets specifically energy sector domain.

Language Intelligence

Our contract intelligence system can extract unstructured data from any documents and data sources. This software can be used in any domain, from conducting analytics on legal documents to helping workers in the field to get right answers.


The Future Of Energy

Modern state-of-art automation system solutions can't match all the complexity of energy systems operators. It's too difficult to adapt rule-based expert systems and abstract models to improve operational efficiencies with aging assets, environmental regulations and shrinking pool of experienced workers.

Volitant AI takes a fresh approach; enabling intelligent agents to learn directly by experiencing the real energy assets, we deliver state-of-art automation and optimization without major capital investment.

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Our Technology

Leveraging the latest research in Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning, Volitant AI creates AI agents to efficiently analyze and act on modern energy systems.

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Volitant AI provides easily deployable artificial intelligence solutions that identify known and unknown threats in real time with an unmatched level of accuracy for the global power industries.


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Creativity challenging the status quo is the cornerstone of Volitant AI’s success.

We focus our R&D for the purpose of delivering high-value solutions to our customers and partners, bringing innovative new products to market, and changing the way technology is done.

We strongly encourage our customers and partners to leverage our people, research, and solutions to create new ideas and products within their business.

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